Two fellow passengers on a plane:A: Are you married?B: Yes, for the fourth time.A: What happened to your first three wives?B: They all died.A: How did that happen?B: My first wife ate poison mushrooms.A: And your second?B: She too ate poison mushrooms.A: And your third ate poison mushroom too?B: No. She died of a broken neck.A: I see, an accident.B: Not exactly. She wouldn’t eat her mushrooms.·fellow passenger:(항공기 등에)동승한 사람·poison mushroom:독버섯·accident:사고여객기의 두 승객A: 결혼했어요?B: 네번째와 살고 있어요.A: 먼저 세부인들은 어떻게 됐는데요?B: 다들 죽었어요.A: 어찌 그런 일이?B: 첫째는 독버섯을 먹었어요.A: 그럼 둘째 부인은요?B: 역시 독버섯을 먹었어요.A: 세번째 부인도 독버섯이었던가요?B: 아뇨. 목이 부러져서 죽었어요.A: 사고였군요.B: 아닙니다. 버섯을 안 먹으려들지 뭡니까.