After dating for a year, the man proposedand the girl accepted. She, however, wanted him to know that her chest was just like a baby. He said that her measurementsdidn? matter to him and that his penis was also like a baby. So they became a happy couple and checked into a resort hotel. The bride took her night gown off andher breasts were the smallest he had everseen. Then, as the man took his pants off, the bride said, "Good God! I thought you said your penis was like a baby."△ measurement: 치수, 크기△ resort hotel: 유원지 호텔△ Good God: 맙소사1년 동안 사귀던 사내는 프로포즈를 했고 여자는 그것을 수락했다.그러나 여자는 앞가슴이 어린애 것만큼 밖에안된다는 사실을 고백했다.남자는 크기는 문제될 것 없다면서 자기도페니스가 어린애만큼 하다고 말했다.그래서 행복한 부부가 된 두 사람은 유원지호텔에 투숙했다.가운을 벗는 신부를 보니 그 앞가슴은 일찍이 본 적이 없는 빈약한 것이었다.이윽고 팬티를 벗는 남자를 바라보던 여자는『맙소사, 난 어린애만큼하다는 줄 알았는데…』라고 했다.